Powerfull earthquake rocks happend southern Taiwan

A 6.4-greatness tremor has hit Taiwan, slaughtering various individuals and catching numerous others
More than 26 individuals affirmed dead after 17-story working in the city of Tainan breakdown, catching scores.

More than 100 individuals stay caught under the rubble of a 17-story working, as salvage groups race to discover survivors after a 6.4 greatness seismic tremor struck Taiwan.At minimum 26 individuals were killed and scores harmed when the shudder struck the city of Tainan around 4:00am neighborhood time on Saturday.More than 1,200 firefighters mixed with stepping stools, cranes and other hardware to the remnants of the 17-story private building that given way. More than 170 individuals have been saved so far.The Tainan crisis reaction focus said a 10-day-old newborn child and a little tyke were among those killed in the catastrophe, which came two days in front of Lunar New Year festivities, a noteworthy open occasion.

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